Mason County Sports Hall of Fame

Beyond the Game: The Value of Sports
Mason County Museum at the Village – Ludington, Michigan     

LvH collaborated with Spaces to Experiences to provide interior design, editorial text work, image selection, video editing, design and fabrication services for this 1000-square foot exhibit designed to be relocated within five years to a new facility at Historic White Pine Village. The project included a 150-image touch screen, interactive database, seven videos, and three mechanical interactives. 

EXHIBIT SYNOPSIS: Sports teach young players a lot more than that the skills to handle a ball, racket, or bat, and condition their bodies for strenuous and challenging activities.  Participation in individual and team sports teaches athletes important lessons that can be applied to virtually any relationship, activity, or profession in life.

This exhibit examines the history of many popular sports and, utilizing inductees in the Mason County Hall of Fame and nationally recognized professional athletes, explores the important lessons that involvement in these sports can teach. Virtually all of these featured people attribute their involvement in sports to their later success in life.