About - MysteriesLafferty van Heest and Associates (LvH) is a unique exhibit curation, design, and fabrication firm specializing in providing the most complete compliment of services needed to develop museum exhibits from conception to operation. The firms specializes on historic and transportation related exhibitions. Realizing the daunting economic challenges that face museums, historical societies, and cities today, LvH has set in place approaches and methodologies sensitive to tight budgets without compromising quality. The diverse but complementary talents of the principals and their associates offer clients this range of expertise and skills rarely if ever found in traditional exhibit design firms, including curatorial research and writing, graphic design, exhibit fabrication, publication publishing, film production, interactive technology.

The firm’s goal is to provide the most historically rigorous but engaging exhibits and publications at the lowest price possible. To accomplish this, LvH, which is based in Holland, Michigan, has organized a network of skilled consultants, each chosen based upon the principals’ familiarity with their work and their suitability for the project at hand. In this way overhead costs are held to a minimum, allowing as many dollars as possible invested into the success of the completed project.