Historic White Pine Village

Mason County Historical Society – Ludington, Michigan
Architectural and Interpretive Master Plan

LvH evaluated the current state of a 45-year-old historic attraction and compared it to other similar attractions in the state in preparation for developing a plan for the attraction’s future developments. The plan called for a reorientation of the village circulation, the demolition of certain buildings, the construction of a new welcome center in the design of an historic sawmill, and a new entry sequence and parking plan, as well as new wayfinding signage, and a new program for building exterior and interior interpretive signage and immersive interpretation. Phase one of the plan has been implemented through the creation of a new stand-alone Museum of Mason County for the interpretation at the Village of topics outside the timeline and subject matter of the Village. This project also lead to LvH rebranding the Mason County Historical Society’s three historic attractions: its maritime museum, the Village, and its new Research Center, through the creation of related new logos that drew of the past logos for inspiration.